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The Cairns region of north Queensland has a diverse agricultural sector and avocados, at a gross value of approx $79 million per year, are one of the major crops produced.

The plant in which the system was to be installed required access to a loft area above machinery.

The system needed to fit snugly in a small alcove and an emphasis on a speedy install was also requested, as any machinery downtime would impact the farm’s strict production schedule.



Pre-assembly of the KOMBI Stair and Platform System was carried out in our installer’s factory.

The KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems was then transported to site where, in a matter of hours, minor adjustments were made and it was able to be completely installed.

Causing minor disruption to valuable production time, the farm owners were extremely impressed at how quickly and easily the whole project came together.


Kombi stair and platform system drawing


Why You Should Choose KOMBI® For Your Next Project

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoKOMBI® Design Standards & Codes

  • KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems are designed in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170 under live load conditions.
  • For more complex designs, further in-house engineering testing can be conducted to ensure compliance.

KOMBI® Proprietary System

  • KOMBI is an Australian made, engineered and configured system manufactured by an Australian owned company.
  • All KOMBI Systems are produced in ISO 9001:2015 accredited facilities.

KOMBI® Modular Flexibility

  • Endless design possibilities to provide fit for purpose, compliant systems.
  • Lightweight components which are easy to assemble and handle.
  • Installation requires no on-site hot works or specialist tools or trades.

KOMBI® Builda Configurator

  • A cloud based 3D design tool built specifically to configure KOMBI systems.
  • Includes KOMBI proprietary design parameters.
  • KOMBI Builda provides 3D model and front, top and side views and complete list of components required to build the system.


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