KOMBI® BUILDA creates your stair and platform design within minutes - turn ideas into reality




The KOMBI BUILDA configurator allows your design ideas to transform before your eyes.

Our online program gives you the tools to progressively build your required system with the ability to view in 3D and make changes in real time.

  • Design your own KOMBI Stairs and Platforms to suit your specific needs
  • Add in existing structures such as walls, floors and equipment
  • New update allows addition of step ladders and rung ladders
  • Output technical drawings and component lists
  • Systems compliant to Australian Standard AS 1657:2018

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Did you know you and your team can build KOMBI® Stairs and Platforms?

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoKOMBI Stairs and Platforms do not require any specialist tools or trades and needs no on-site welding. Our manual gives detailed step by step instructions to assist you with the install and remember, we are always only a phone call away should you require any assistance.


Unsure on how to design KOMBI® Stairs, Platforms, Crossovers, Elevated and Suspended Walkway?

Contact the SAYFA team on 1300 072 651 or info@kombiaccess.com.

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