KOMBI® Aluminium Stairs, Platforms and Elevated Walkways ensure personnel are accessing dedicated walkways and areas, reducing the potential risk to equipment and critical infrastructure.


KOMBI® components are modular, lightweight, easily transported, allowing on-site customisation in situ.

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Data centres are the backbone of modern technology, housing vast amounts of sensitive information and critical infrastructure. As such, access in and around these facilities is of utmost importance to maintain security and compliance.

Best practices for managing access to data centres, include physical security measures, access control systems and employee training. The inclusion of easy to use access systems such as stairs, walkways and access platforms give personnel clear guidance in navigating accessible areas, and reduce the potential for employee injury and equipment damage.

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According to Workplace Manslaughter Laws there is now a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment for individuals with a maximum fine of $16.5 million for companies. Of note, is that organisations can be charged without the need for individual fault being attributed.

Workplace Manslaughter Laws are now in place throughout Australia, emphasising the importance on the provision of compliant and safe access for your personnel. The consequences of failing to provide a safe working environment can leave companies and those responsible liable should an incident occur.


Your Requirements

Accessing the equipment and technology that is incorporated in data centres can prove to be difficult. Power substations, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), back up generators, ventilation and cooling equipment, fire suppression and building security systems all make up the necessary assets that are required to keep these plants functioning efficiently.

These systems produce a maze of cabling and pipework and being able to access the equipment safely and with no risk of injury to personnel or damage to the equipment means that a carefully planned approach is essential. Practical, user friendly systems such as  stairs, elevated walkways and access platforms are often used to facilitate this access.

Systems that require no on-site welding for installation are advantageous as these ensure that there is no possibility of fire risk to valuable assets. Additionally, due to the high level of security that must be maintained within these areas, products that can be self installed are proving very attractive to many data centre Facility Managers.


Your Solution

KOMBI Crossovers, Elevated Walkways, Access Platforms and Stairs provide an extremely practical answer for data centre access.

With back up documentation and step by step videos, installation of KOMBI Modular Access Systems can be done by your personnel.


KOMBI Aluminium Modular Access Systems are fully engineered and designed in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170. Their lightweight construction makes them ideal for easy install providing minimal risk of manual handling injuries.

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoAustralian designed and manufactured, when you install a KOMBI System you have the peace of mind knowing that you are supporting an Australian business who knows the regulations and can work through the process of system design with you.

Pre-assembled or delivered flat packed to site, KOMBI Systems are adjusted using the patented KOMBI T-Bolt without the necessity for specialist tools or trades.


As we hold many configurations in stock we can also provide you with shortened delivery times. However, if a more complex customised system is required, please contact our team on 1300 072 651.


The Process

So, now that you have settled on a KOMBI Access System for your facility how do you proceed? Currently we offer several different options.


Build Your Own

Design, build and cost your own with the help of  the KOMBI BUILDA. In a matter of minutes you will be on your way to creating your own KOMBI Access System.

The KOMBI BUILDA, our unique online configuration tool, has built in parameters to ensure that your designs conform to the requirements of Australian Standards AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170. Upon completion you can output drawings and part lists which can be forwarded across to our fabrication team for production. Apply for a KOMBI BUILDA account now and start designing.

Examples of drawings supplied from the KOMBI BUILDA.

Example of drawing from Kombi Builda



With detailed documentation and step by step video instructions on hand to assist installation, KOMBI Access Systems can be assembled by your team on-site using basic power tools. If you can put together a flat pack you can assemble KOMBI. Encounter a problem? Our team is merely a phone call away on 1300 072 651 to offer any assistance you may need.

Many happy customers have found this solution is a great cost saving choice, and is also particularly useful when dealing with high security areas where access to personnel is restricted.

However if this is not the option for you, we can organise for the installation to be carried out using our trusted installer network.


SAYFA All The Way

For an end to end solution contact the team at SAYFA who can assist with everything from design through to installation of your KOMBI Access Systems. You can reach us on 1300 301 755 or sales@sayfa.com.au. Let us design, fabricate and install your next KOMBI Access System.


Build your own or send us through your requirements. With KOMBI the possibilities are endless.