KOMBI® Aluminium Stairs, Platforms, Elevated Walkways & Crossovers offer access to confined and congested areas in industrial facilities. Modular and flexible systems provide safe solutions for workers.


KOMBI® Stairs, Platforms, Crossovers and Elevated Walkway provide designated access to machinery and plant

Your Responsibilities

With businesses that focus on manufacture and production there is a even higher degree of protection that needs to be in place for their workforces.

Not only with respect to the standard Duty of Care required by PCBUs (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking), management must also implement procedures regarding the safe operation of their machinery which can come with onerous responsibilities. Part of that consideration is how the equipment is accessed and maintained.

Failing to ensure the safety of your workers can lead to devastating consequences for not only the person involved but for all of your team and ultimately your business.

As a deterrent and a means to enforce more safety in the workplace, Workplace Manslaughter Laws have now been put in place throughout Australia. These laws can see PCBUs held accountable should there be a fatality on their premises. As proof of the seriousness with which the courts are taking these laws, there have already been several court rulings involving prosecution for those found guilty.

In May 2021, a WA Company Director received the longest jail sentence recorded for a WHS matter following gross negligence which led to a worker’s death.

“The people who are prosecuted for breaches of health and safety obligations after a fatality, regardless of their level of culpability… carry the guilt and the memory of the accident for the rest of their lives.”

– Greg Smith, Director, Wayland Legal

Are you taking the right action now to ensure the safety of your workers?


Your Requirements

Busy manufacturing and production plants can quite often be an intricate mesh of machinery, pipes, wiring and cabling. Access to these areas may be confined and incorporating systems to provide access is frequently an extremely difficult exercise.

With limited space, systems that have a small footprint and adaptability to fit under, over and around equipment are necessary. In fact, at times there is simply no way to access equipment or safely move around the production room floor, so products that can be self supporting may need to be sourced to provide above ground access.

When choosing access systems, the installation should also be a consideration. It is crucial that any downtime in these types of facilities is kept to a minimum, so quick and easy to assemble systems are preferable. Additionally, if the systems require no on-site hot works this can be an added advantage as it reduces lost output time, something no production facility needs.


Your Solution

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoKOMBI Stairs, Crossovers and Access Platforms offer many advantages when used in production and manufacturing facilities.

With their lightweight aluminium construction and no on-site fabrication or welding, they can be easily assembled with hand held battery operated tools, requiring no hot works permits. Components can be partially or fully assembled elsewhere and then transported to site for final installation. This offers significant savings in time and on-site construction.

For regional based facilities, KOMBI allows your workers to perform the install themselves. This is particularly handy if you are located in an areas where skilled labour is scarce.

Should you require a system that is out of the ordinary or that requires specific engineering the SAYFA Technical Team can assist. This may be the ability to provide configurations around equipment or integration with existing systems, problems which can often be the case in production plants. They will conduct extensive testing to ensure that the systems we supply are built for purpose and guaranteed to provide you with the safe access solution that you need.


Assembly of KOMBI® Modular Access Systems is detailed in our videos and installation manual. However, should your team require further assistance we are only a phone call away.


Many of the standard KOMBI Modular Access System configurations are available ex stock. Speak to our team on 1300 072 651 for lead times on our customised options.

As the complete range of KOMBI systems are Australian made and fully engineered and designed in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS1657 and AS/NZS1170, they come with the peace of mind that you are installing a compliant, reliable product.

Kombi modular aluminium stair and platform systems installed at avocado farm

KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems can be partially or fully assembled off-site and then transported to site to reduce installation time.


The Process

Design and install yourself or leave it to us - it's your choice. Alternatively, you can even design the system using the KOMBI BUILDA and then have it installed by one of our Australia wide SAYFA Approved Installers.


Build Your Own

Our KOMBI BUILDA provides you with a user friendly online configuration platform. Watch your designs take shape in real time. Costs, detailed drawings and part and system lists are provided, making it easy for you to place your order with our sales team.

Even first time designers can rest assured that the final systems created will meet the requirements of Australian and New Zealand Standards AS1657 and AS/NZS1170.

Want to start designing? Apply now for a KOMBI BUILDA account.


Construction of KOMBI Access Systems can easily be performed by your team.

The lightweight aluminium components have been specifically designed to enable ease of assembly and there is no requirement for specialist tools or trades. Read "Be Safety Smart", our manual handling analysis, which details how we have reduced the risk of injury to your workers when working with KOMBI Stair, Crossover and Platform Systems.

Online videos and step by step manual provide detailed instructions and the SAYFA team is on standby to answer any queries you might have along during the install.


SAYFA All The Way

SAYFA's In-house Design Team will look at your requirements and design a customised KOMBI Access System that suits your needs perfectly.

KOMBI Access Crossover for access over machinery

An example of detailed drawings done by our In-house Design Team.


Let us take the stress away from your next project!

Call the SAYFA team on  1300 072 651 or sales@kombiaccess.com.aufor your KOMBI Stair and Platform System. We will design, fabricate and organise the installation of your KOMBI Access System through our network of SAYFA Approved Installers on your behalf.


Send us through your requirements or apply for a KOMBI Builda login. With KOMBI it's smarter - easier - faster!