Often located in the work zone, on-site building structures can be difficult to access safely. KOMBI® Stairs and Platforms provide safe and easy access to permanent and temporary plant, machinery and buildings.


KOMBI® Stairs and Platforms keep personnel safe when accessing site sheds, buildings and plant

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Your Responsibilities

As with all workplaces, building sites have high WHS requirements and by their very design have many risks for potential injury. Providing designated stairs, walkways and platforms for access and egress to plant, equipment, site sheds and offices is an integral part of the Duty of Care required by PCBUs (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking) and is a necessity to ensure your workforce is safe.

The consequences of failing to have safe work methods in place carries with it worker injury, large fines and can cause damage to your company's reputation. Regulatory bodies such as WorkSafe Victoria and Safe Work Australia are inspecting sites on a continual and frequent basis so investing in compliant systems to ensure your workers are protected is not just a nice to have; it is a must.

Although accessing site sheds and buildings may not seem to be as hazardous as some other workplace situations, such as working at height, it is worth considering that 23% of serious workplace claims are caused by falls, trips and slips*.

These incidents can simply be personnel transitioning from one level to another, entering or exiting structures that are above ground height or a variety of other innocuous sorts of accidents. Seemingly small incidents can still result in significant worker injury, large compensation payouts, lost time and workplace disruption.

How safe is access to your buildings?


Your Requirements

With most building projects, temporary and/or permanent offices and buildings to cater for personnel and to securely store plant and machinery are required. These structures are usually located within the construction zone with the areas surrounded by debris and uneven ground. Providing safe access that can adapt and be modified to suit these challenging site conditions needs systems that are modular, using components that can be customised in situ.

If the products chosen can be installed without the requirement of hot works permits and by simply using battery powered tools this can have distinct advantages, particularly if installing in remote locations. Utilising existing, non specialised trades is also a cost effective, time efficient option that should be investigated.

Another consideration when searching for access systems are products that can be manufactured and pre-assembled off site and then transported to the area and quickly erected. These can bring significant savings in time and labour.


Your Solution

KOMBI Stairs and Platforms are modular and adjustable.

In some cases accurate measurements are nearly impossible to obtain prior to installation and without these details ordering customised products can be a nightmare. However, with KOMBI Stairs and Platforms when products arrive at site if there are any inaccuracies, adjustments can be made there and then using our proprietary KOMBI T-Bolt.

Regardless of the different ground levels and site conditions which may be present, KOMBI systems ensure a perfect fit and compliant solution enabling safe access to your site buildings.

But what else do you need to know about KOMBI?

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoKOMBI components are Australian made and constructed of lightweight aluminium with a focus of your team's safety at the forefront. An extensive analysis has been carried out which highlights how KOMBI Modular Systems were designed to mitigate the risk of manual handling injuries. Read our report.

With the focus on compliance and meeting your responsibilities as a PCBU, all KOMBI Modular Stair and Platform Systems are manufactured and fully engineered in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170.

KOMBI® Modular Access Systems are manufactured right here in the land down under from the highest quality materials so when you order a KOMBI® System you are supporting an Australian business.

Many of the standard range of KOMBI components are held in stock but if you require a customised system or one that needs additional engineering consult our team for advice. If necessary, we will carry out extensive testing to ensure that the systems we supply are built for purpose and guaranteed to provide you with the safe access solution that you need.

Standard KOMBI Modular Access System configurations are available for delivery direct from our manufacturing facility but speak to our team on 1300 072 651 for lead times on our customised options.

KOMBI Stairs and Platforms flatpacked

KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems can be ordered as flat packed modules or delivered to site as pre-assembled units.


The Process

There are a variety of different options to get your KOMBI Stair and Platform project off to a start. You can design and install yourself, or leave it to us to handle everything. You can also create your stair and platform system using the KOMBI BUILDA and then have it installed by one of our Australia wide SAYFA Approved Installers.


Build Your Own

What is the KOMBI BUILDA? The KOMBI BUILDA is a user friendly online configuration platform. This interactive program allows your designs to take shape before your eyes. You will be supplied with costs, drawings, parts and system lists which you can then forward across to our team to enable a seamless production.

All systems created within the KOMBI BUILDA meet the requirements of Australian and New Zealand Standards AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170.

Ready to start designing? Apply for a KOMBI BUILDA account now.




No hot works, no specialist tools. Can you or your team put together a flat pack? Then there's every chance you can assemble a KOMBI system.

KOMBI Stair and Platform components are manufactured from lightweight aluminium and have been specifically designed to enable ease of assembly. There is no requirement for specialist tools or trades and install can be carried out using battery powered tools.

We also have online instructional videos and our step by step manual to guide you through the entire installation process. However, if you do run into any problems the SAYFA team is on standby to assist you on 1300 072 651 or sales@kombiaccess.com.


SAYFA All The Way

Send us through your details, photos and any other information in relation to your project and the SAYFA's In-house Design Team will look at your requirements and design a customised KOMBI Access System. REQUEST A QUOTE now for your next project.


New project - let us help!

Call the SAYFA team on  1300 072 651 or sales@kombiaccess.com to assist. We will create the design, organise fabrication of your KOMBI Stair and Platform and put you in touch with our network of SAYFA Approved Installers to ensure an end to end solution.


Send us through your requirements or apply for a KOMBI Builda login. With KOMBI Stairs and Platforms you are guaranteed a perfect fit every time!

*Statistics Safe Work Australia - Australian Workers Compensation Statistics 2018/19