KOMBI® Aluminium Stairs, Platforms, Elevated Walkways & Crossovers providing safe and easy access in distribution centres and optimising logistical flow and processes.


The smarter way for intralogistics - KOMBI® Stairs, Platforms, Crossovers and Elevated Walkway

Your Responsibilities

With all environments where there are a mix of people and an array of machinery, workplace injury is a constant possibility and prevention or reduction of any potential risks or hazards should be utmost on management's agenda.

As we approach unprecedented demands for supply of goods and services, coupled with a shortage of labour, this adds additional strain on both plant and personnel when dealing with larger inputs and outputs. Unfortunately this type of scenario is when accidents happen. Prevention of accidents in these types of environments often involves changes in processes and equipment and your responsibility as a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) is to ensure that you are protecting your work force from injury, not to mention that it is a major requirement of meeting your Duty of Care as a Owner/Manager/Supervisor.

Workplace Manslaughter Laws were introduced several years ago throughout Australia and provide much higher accountability should there be a fatality on your premises. Since their introduction there have already been several court rulings involving prosecution and even jail sentences for PCBU's found guilty.

“We’re standing up for working people – and better protecting those touched by tragedy – because workers deserve a safe environment when they go to work each and every day.”

– Former Workplace Safety, Jill Hennessy

Are you doing all you can to secure the safety of your workers?


Your Requirements

To enable Distribution Centres to run as efficiently and effectively as possible continually analysing and improving day to day processes is a must. The term intralogistics has become the latest buzz word and is used to describe the management and optimisation of internal logistics, including the movement, storage and handling of materials, products and information within a facility.

Robotics and automisation techniques to increase production, and streamline and simplify tasks, are essential for companies who want to stay competitive. It can lead to a reduction in running costs, improved customer satisfaction and a definite advantage in the marketplace.

Busy distribution centres are usually a complex mesh of conveyors, machinery, wiring and cabling. With access to, around and over these often confined areas, personnel performing their normal tasks or wanting to carry out maintenance can find their jobs not only difficult but also dangerous.

It is crucial when selecting systems to assist with access within these facilities that you consider several factors before you make your decision.

  • Can the system be configured to fit in with existing structures and machinery?
  • How long is the timeframe from order to delivery?
  • Do the components require on-site hot works?
  • In the event that pre-install measurements are incorrect can the system be adapted quickly and easily?
  • Is the system easy to construct requiring less time on-site for installation?
  • Will there be significant downtime experienced during install?


Your Solution

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoKOMBI, Stairs, Crossovers, Access Platforms,  Elevated / Suspended Walkways can all provide effective logistical solutions and with KOMBI's flexible configurations there really is nowhere that KOMBI cannot fit!

Our manufacturing process is second to none, with our team and facilities gaining accreditation to ISO 9001:2015. The complete range of KOMBI Systems are Australian designed, manufactured and fully engineered in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS1657 and AS/NZS1170. They come with the peace of mind that you are installing a compliant, reliable product.

Designing KOMBI is also made easy using the KOMBI Builda. You can see your projects come to life in real time before your eyes and what's more is you can rest assured that they are compliant to Australian and New Zealand Standards. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT KOMBI BUILDA.

An added advantage of the KOMBI System is that installs can be carried out in stages to minimise downtime. There is also the ability to have the components partially or fully assembled elsewhere and then transported to site ready for final installation. This can provide you with significant time savings in on-site construction.

KOMBI's lightweight aluminium construction ensures the components are easy to handle and installation does not need specialist tools or trades, in fact only basic battery operated tools are needed. If you choose to self install, we have a library of install videos and a comprehensive step by step install manual to assist you and your team all the way.

However, should you require a system that is "out of the box" or something that requires specific engineering the SAYFA Technical Team can assist. We can carry out extensive testing to ensure that you are always supplied with a system that is fit for purpose and going to give you the access solution you need.


Assembly of KOMBI® Modular Access Systems is detailed in our install videos and installation manual. However, should your team require further assistance we are only a phone call away.


Many of the standard KOMBI Modular Access System configurations are available ex stock. Speak to our team on 1300 072 651 for lead times on our customised options.

Kombi modular aluminium stair and platform systems installed at avocado farm

KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems can be partially or fully assembled off-site and then transported to site to reduce installation time.


The Process

So, you've decided on selecting a KOMBI System for your facility but unsure how to progress. It's your choice. Design and install yourself or leave it to us. Alternatively, you can design the system using the KOMBI BUILDA and then have it installed by one of our Australia wide SAYFA Approved Installers.


Build Your Own

Our KOMBI BUILDA provides you with a user friendly online configuration platform. Watch your designs take shape in real time. Costs, detailed drawings and part and system lists are provided, making it easy for you to place your order with our sales team.

Even first time designers can rest assured that the final systems created will meet the requirements of Australian and New Zealand Standards AS1657 and AS/NZS1170.

Want to start designing? Apply now for a KOMBI BUILDA account.


Self Installation

Construction of KOMBI Access Systems can easily be performed by your team.

The lightweight aluminium components have been specifically designed to enable ease of assembly and there is no requirement for specialist tools or trades.

Read "Be Safety Smart", our manual handling analysis, which details how we have reduced the risk of injury to your workers when working with KOMBI Stair, Crossover and Platform Systems.

Online videos and step by step manual provide detailed instructions and the SAYFA team is on standby to answer any queries you might have along during the install.


SAYFA All The Way

SAYFA's In-house Design Team will look at your requirements and design a customised KOMBI Access System that suits your needs perfectly.

KOMBI Access Crossover for access over machinery

An example of detailed drawings done by our In-house Design Team.


Let us take the stress away from your next project!

Call the SAYFA team on  1300 072 651 or sales@kombiaccess.com.au for your KOMBI Stair and Platform System. We will design, fabricate and organise the installation of your KOMBI Access System through our network of SAYFA Approved Installers on your behalf.


Send us through your requirements or apply for a KOMBI Builda login. With KOMBI it's smarter - easier - faster!