KOMBI® Aluminium Stairs and Platforms provide access to railway plant and machinery. No-weld systems enable easy install on uneven terrain using battery operated hand tools.


KOMBI® Stairs & Platforms providing safe access to enable railway network maintenance

Your Responsibilities

The provision of systems to enable workers to safely access plant and machinery is a key part of your Duty of Care for your employees. Regular maintenance of railway electrical switchboards, signal monitors and other plant is a key factor in keeping the network on time and working efficiently. Ensuring that this is done as easily and safely as possible is paramount.

Workplace Manslaughter Laws now in place throughout Australia can see PCBUs (Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking) held accountable should there be a fatality on their premises. There have already been several court rulings involving prosecution for those found guilty.

In May 2021, a WA Company Director received the longest jail sentence on record for a WHS matter following gross negligence which led to a worker’s death.

“From the facts that I understand, the worker who was killed was under the direct instruction of his employer. They had to make sure all the safety measurements were in place. They knew the risks. The obligation was clearly on them to take steps to control the risks.”

– Sue Bottrell, Lawyer and WHS Expert


Now more than ever it is time to make sure your employees are protected.


Your Requirements

Access to equipment and plant that is required to run busy suburban and country rail networks necessitates the installation of stairsplatforms, walkways and other systems in a variety of areas.

When choosing products, they must be compliant, easy to use and durable.

The method of installation is also an integral factor that is to be considered in the selection. As locations can range from inner city stations to the remote backblocks in regional Australia, adaptable products that can be easily installed are an ideal choice. In particular, outback areas may have a shortage of skilled labour to carry out the work which may pose further challenges.

Additionally, if access systems are to be self-installed, then their method of installation must be carefully scrutinised to ensure that workers are not placed at risk of any potential manual handling injuries.


Your Solution

Railway networks cannot endure long periods of downtime and hot works associated with welded access platforms and stairs can add to timeline delays.

That is where KOMBI Access Platforms and Stairs provide the answer. The systems can be supplied as modules and are assembled with the patented KOMBI T-Bolt using battery operated hand tools and no on-site fabrication or welding.

Modifications can be done in situ, making allowances for any uneven ground surfaces or minor discrepancies in measurements.

Additionally, the lightweight construction of the KOMBI systems provides peace of mind for employers.

When designing KOMBI Systems we ensured that the modular aluminium components would fall within acceptable weight limits. Read more in our article "Be Safety Smart".


KOMBI® Modular Access Systems can be easily assembled by your team, requiring no specialist skills or tools. Step by step instructions and videos are there to assist, guaranteeing a smooth installation.


KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoAll KOMBI Modular Access Systems are fully engineered and designed in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170. An Australian made product you can also be proud that you are supporting a locally owned Melbourne based business.

Our manufacturing facility holds many configurations which enables shortened delivery times for those urgent projects. For customised options please speak to our team on 1300 072 651.



The KOMBI T-Bolt is the secret to KOMBI's modularity. 


The Process

Moving your requirements from concept to completion is easy. Choose to do it all yourself or enlist the services of the SAYFA Design Team and our SAYFA Approved Installers.


Build Your Own

Our innovative KOMBI BUILDA gives you the ability to design your own KOMBI Access System. Indicative costs are provided and detailed drawings and parts lists are available for download.

You can also rest assured that even if you don't know what is involved in designing a compliant system we do. Our unique online configuration tool will only allow you to design AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170 compliant stair and platform systems. Drawings supplied once your design is completed can then be sent through to our production team for fabrication.

Apply now for a KOMBI BUILDA account and get started on your first KOMBI System design.

Examples of drawings supplied from the KOMBI BUILDA.

KOMBI Stair and Platform drawing

After fabrication, your system is ready for installation. The decision is yours - assemble yourself or alternatively contact SAYFA to obtain contact details for one of our SAYFA Approved Installers.



Constructed of lightweight aluminium modules, KOMBI Access Systems are assembled using battery operated hand tools. Instructions by way of our detailed KOMBI manual and videos provide your team with all the information required to complete a successful install. However, should there be any questions or issues our team is always available to assist.

Putting together a KOMBI System is similar to a flat pack and we have many happy customers who have installed these systems easily themselves, providing then with savings in both time and money.


SAYFA All The Way

It's a simple fact that DIY is not a viable option for everyone.

For a complete end to end solution the team at SAYFA can design, fabricate and organise the installation of your KOMBI Access System on your behalf. Contact us on 1300 072 651 or sales@kombiaccess.com.au.


Build your own or send us through your requirements. With KOMBI it's flexibility at its best!