KOMBI is an engineered, no weld, modular stair and platform system. Designed for easy customisation, on-site assembly and with re-usable components, KOMBI saves design costs and reduces delivery lead times.




Request A Quote

Requesting a quote is easy. Simply click on the link below and a member of Customer Service Team will respond shortly. Feel free to upload any images or other design criteria to explain your requirements in more detail ... READ MORE


The KOMBI library contains videos, documents, manuals - all the information you will need to discover KOMBI. ... READ MORE

Build Your Own


The KOMBI BUILDA configurator program allows an idea to become a reality within minutes by constructing your very own platform model to suit your specific needs ... READ MORE

Components & Dimensions

KOMBI is unique in that the entire system can be configured to suit any size, height or shape that is required. The primary construction being extruded aluminium makes it lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It's modular concept allows it to be disassembled and reinstalled in alternative locations without the need for redesign ... READ MORE

Designing & Installing Kombi

KOMBI systems are made of three primary modules, namely the support module, the platform module and the stair module. Each module is available in a variety of sizes which can then be adjusted ... READ MORE