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"The product was incredibly easy to design and assemble. The flexibility in design as well the ability to disassemble and repurpose if needed in future made this product a great choice."




Inverter Skid Access Platforms

Trundle & Peak Hill Solar Farms, Parkes NSW






KOMBI Modular Platform System


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The Trundle & Peak Hill Solar Farms, which together boast over 35,000 solar panels, are making a major contribution to Australia's greenhouse reductions.

These remote solar farms, both located near Parkes approx 400km west of Sydney, required the installation of platforms to enable maintenance crews access to raised inverter skids.

Systems under consideration had to be no-weld, modular and require no special skills or tools to assemble. There were also no cranes on site so lightweight, easily handled components were needed.

Additionally, strict guidelines were in place that the type of systems used must comply to Australian Standards and be engineered to tolerate specific wind loads.



Design drawings were produced using the KOMBI Builda.

All KOMBI Stairs, Platforms, Walkways and Crossovers are compliant to Australian Standards AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170 so meeting with this criteria was just "business as usual".

However, the SAYFA technical team had to conduct testing to ensure the platforms were engineered to withstand the specified wind loads before production could begin.

KOMBI Stairs and Platforms installed at Solar Farm - drawing

The decision was made to fabricate and pre-assemble at SAYFA's manufacturing facility and then deliver the stairs and platforms to site in modules. The modules could be bolted together on-site and modified, if necessary, to suit the site conditions.

KOMBI Stairs and Platforms installed at Solar Farm - drawing

All installation was done without the requirement of specialist tools or trades. Due to the patented KOMBI T-Bolt, battery hand tools are all that's needed to assemble KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems.

As a first time user of KOMBI components the installer was amazed as to how quickly and easily the modules went together, making for a fast and effective install and a very happy client!

Why KOMBI® Access Stairs and Platform Systems?

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoThe old adage - location, location, location - brings a different meaning when the remoteness of a property equals more cost for basic trades and equipment. KOMBI Modular Aluminium Access Stair and Platform Systems enable easy hassle-free installation anywhere.

But what is the KOMBI T-Bolt?

The phrase "game changer" gets mentioned way too often these days but in the case of the KOMBI T-Bolt it really is! Systems can be adjusted on-site to cater for any miscalculations or incorrect measurements that may have occurred.  With innovation behind it's creation, the whole KOMBI Modular System is designed to be flexible and user friendly.


If you can assemble a flat pack you can create a KOMBI Access System - it's that easy!

When lightweight, easy to install systems are required KOMBI Aluminium Modular Stair and Platforms provide the answer. You can also rest easy knowing that you are supporting an Australian owned company and an Australian manufactured product.

Our article Be Safety Smart - KOMBI Modular Stairs & Platforms save your time and your back - A Safety Analysis details how our systems do not compromise your personnel's health and well-being, and address any concerns you may have in regard to OH & S requirements.

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