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Commencing in 2017, the upgrade to the Ballarat line includes the duplication of 18 kilometres of track, new regional stations, signalling upgrades and track improvements. Coleman Rail required a system that could be easily transported and assembled on-site. The undulating terrain presented a unique set of challenges which would have been difficult, if not impossible, to overcome if installing traditional steel step and stair systems.



The SAYFA technical team attended site to assess the requirements and generated a custom design to allow access down the embankment. The location of the signalling tower, out in the fields where ground conditions were far from ideal, meant KOMBI was the perfect solution.

Drawings were created in our online configuration tool, the KOMBI Builda. This allow full flexibility with the design and ensured the client could easily visualise the system. All systems created in the KOMBI Builda meet required parameters as set out in Australian Standards. Final shop drawings were then produced once the client had approved the concept.

The KOMBI Stair System was manufactured and pre-assembled by SAYFA and then transported by ute in modules. This removed the necessity to hire a crane to lift steel stairs into position, which would have created an additional set of issues given the soft and uneven surfaces at the location. Once delivered, the KOMBI System was bolted together on-site by Coleman Rail personnel.

The result - a very fast and effective install and a very happy client.

Ballarat Line Upgrade - Kombi Modular Stair & Platform Drawing

Installing access steps and stairs in remote locations can be difficult. Time delays and additional costs for specialist trades and tools can mean your simple project can quickly turn into a major problem.

With KOMBI Stair Systems you have the option for your own workers to perform the install, enabling the completion of your project quickly and easily.


KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoKOMBI Modular Aluminium Access Stair and Platform Systems do not require specialist trades or tools.

The KOMBI installation manual and 'how to" video webinars are there to assist your workers all the way by providing detailed step by step instructions. The lightweight components ensure that they are easy to move, easy to build and easy to adjust, requiring no lifting devices that would normally be needed when installing steel fabricated stairs and platforms.

With musculoskeletal injuries a concern for any employer, KOMBI gives you peace of mind that you are looking after your workers and reducing their risk of a workplace injury. Read Be Safety Smart - KOMBI Modular Stairs & Platforms save your time and your back - A Safety Analysis to see how we designed our KOMBI aluminium access stair and platforms with the installer in mind.

Did you know that all KOMBI Systems are Australian made by an Australian owned company? Yet another reason to use KOMBI in your next project.

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