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Junction Oval is the new location for the administration hubs of Cricket Victoria, Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades. It is also a welcome addition to Melbourne's sporting resources, offering modern technology based training facilities to Victoria's elite cricket teams.

The upgrade involved refurbishment of existing heritage listed structures and the addition of several new areas. The state-of-the-art building now comprises of indoor and outdoor practice areas, medical and rehabilitation facilities, function and event spaces and a rejuvenated and expanded oval playing surface.

The requirement for access onto the roof was two-fold: to offer maintenance personnel a safe and easy way to perform their routine tasks and to provide a means of entry for television film crews onto stands and platforms for filming.

Providing a durable system that would be able to reach from one roof to the next proved difficult. Traditional steel systems required on-site welding, heavy structural beams and bracing and unless constantly maintained would suffer corrosion over time as their location, a large open roof top, meant continual exposure to the harsh elements.



Upon receiving the project, our installer was aware of several key requirements: the stairs and platforms needed to be low maintenance and durable, the components needed to be strong but lightweight and the system needed to be flexible to allow for any last minute changes to on-site measurements.

Initial concepts were drawn and the final design, a three-tiered stair and platform system, was completed using the KOMBI BUILDA.

Junction Oval - Kombi modular aluminium access stair and platform system

The KOMBI BUILDA allowed the installer to visualise the system with any adjustments made in real time. Additional engineering computations were undertaken to ensure the final system design was structurally sound.

Fabrication of the KOMBI Stair and Platform System was done in our Melbourne premises where it was then flat packed and delivered to site with a crane lift placing it into position.

KOMBI's lightweight aluminium components enabled our installers to easily maneouvre and assemble them into place with no requirement for lifting equipment or machinery that is often associated with traditional heavy steel fabricated systems.

Delays can occur if there are any variances in pre-measurements to actual site measurements, especially when using steel access stairs and platforms. This can even result in a complete system re-design and new fabrication. However with KOMBI's modular design no on-site welding is required and minor modifications were done using the KOMBI T-Bolt, offering huge cost and time saving benefits for the client.



KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoManufactured in Australia, KOMBI Modular Aluminium Access Stair and Platform Systems have been designed with the installer in mind. They offer a practical solution to the reliance on large plant/equipment to complete the build. With components broken down into lighter, smaller and less awkward pieces, the potential for manual handling injuries is reduced, making for easier and safer installations.

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