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Wangaratta Saleyards, Wangaratta VIC



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KOMBI Elevated Platform Systems



The Wangaratta Saleyards are the second largest in Victoria’s north east and host 65 sales annually with a throughput of about 50,000 cattle. The redevelopment project included new roofing, soft flooring, lighting, stormwater draining and a new auctioneer’s walkway.

Works had to be carried out with minimal disruption and to allow business to be conducted as usual. Uneven ground levels meant that systems would have be adjusted to suit on site. Components also needed the ability to allow streamline integration to the current existing steelworks.



The installation was carried out over three stages, with each stage fully completed before commencement of the next began, to ensure the least disturbance to operations.

KOMBI’s modular concept allowed individual components to be assembled as stand alone platforms. No hot works permits were required, which may have affected project progress, as the KOMBI systems could be configured, installed and adjusted on-site without the need for welding.


Kombi stair and platform drawing



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