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The Real Pet Food Company began operation in 1994 and has expanded into the largest chilled/fresh pet food manufacturer in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the US. Within their manufacturing facility they required access across, around and beside their intricate web of machinery and plant.

Due to the complex equipment location and design, the company had previously found it very difficult to get drawings produced.

Additionally, welded systems were not a suitable choice due to the many obstructions caused by the pipe network.



Custom made KOMBI Platforms were installed throughout the plant. With KOMBI’s ability to be infinitely adjusted to suit each individual area’s requirements, a precise fit was easily achieved with minimum fuss.

KOMBI’s modular design enabled platform supports that could be extended past the obstructions below, to ensure that the stability and integrity of the systems was maintained.

The customer was so happy with the project that they have now commissioned the installation of KOMBI Stairs and Access Platforms at another of their facilities in Somersby.


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