Mirvac, Australia's Leading Property Group - Helping Workers Safely Keep Their Cool


Mirvac Property Group - St Martins Tower, Sydney NSW



Sky 5



KOMBI Stair, Crossover and Platform Systems



Mirvac is a leading Australian property group who owns and manages assets across the office, retail and industrial sectors. The project was to be carried out at St Martins Tower, located within Sydney’s busy CBD district.

The client required a two level platform system that would provide access to their cooling towers. As the components could not be craned in, the only delivery option available was by the lift systems.

An extremely short installation time was requested as the client wanted minimal on-site disruption. The myriad of existing pipework and structures, where the system was to be installed, was also a challenge that would require out of the box thinking to deliver structurally sound systems.



Planning and design for this project was key towards providing a system that would give the client ease of access to equipment, as well as no compromise on strength or integrity.

KOMBI’s modular design enabled easy delivery via lifts. On-site assembly and in situ customisation ensured the systems could be woven around existing pipework and structures.

Within 24 hours, an intricately designed KOMBI system was installed, resulting in an extremely happy client who praised not only KOMBI’s versatility but also it’s ability to provide such a high quality result.


Kombi modular stair and platform systems installed at Mirvac, St Martins Tower