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Construction on the level crossing removal works and other rail upgrades has been occurring throughout the Melbourne metro rail system since 2016. To be finalised by 2022 it is estimated, at completion, to have cost approx $6 billion.

In close proximity to the South Yarra Station heavy electrical boxes required a system enabling easy access. The system needed to be designed to support extreme weight and wind loads. A platform that could be hand installed was preferred to avoid any welding or hot works.



SAYFA worked closely with John Holland to design and engineer a large KOMBI Platform. Our technical team attended on-site to assist with support and provide detailed shop drawings.

Specialised engineering was undertaken ensuring the KOMBI Modular System had the required capacity to handle the wind and weight loads of the equipment.

With its modular, no-weld and simple to install capabilities, the KOMBI Platform was easily assembled and adjusted on site by John Holland personnel.


Kombi Modular Stair and Platform Technical Drawing



What makes KOMBI® Stair and Platform Systems so different?

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoManufactured in Australia, KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems are smarter, easier and faster to design and install.

Using the KOMBI Builda, our innovative online program, systems can be designed in minutes not hours. Designs produced meet the stringent requirements of Australian Standards and the Builda ensures that all components are included, making for a streamlined order process. Easy modification can be made to your designs with the results shown in real time and with 3D viewing capability it's easy to see the end result and what your system will look like.

Many times installations of stairs and platforms go wrong. Incorrect measurements, changes in site conditions and a variety of other factors can cause significant time delays and a major blow out of costs. With KOMBI this is a thing of the past. KOMBI Stairs and Platforms can be modified on-site, in situ. They also require no on-site hot works which can be critical in certain locations.

With no necessity for specialist tools or trades your own team can perform a quick and easy assembly. Our detailed installation manual and videos provide step by step guidance but if you should run into a problem we are always available to assist. Our article, Be Safety Smart - KOMBI Modular Stairs & Platforms save your time and your back - A Safety Analysis, for more information on how KOMBI Systems do not compromise your personnel's health and well-being.

If self install isn't an option we also have an Australia-wide network of Approved Installers who can provide expert advice and perform the install for you.

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