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Located west of Tamworth in regional New South Wales the solar farm will provide enough energy to supply the needs of over 48,000 homes. Following extensive assessment, this site was selected due to various factors including suitability of terrain, site access, environmental constraints and solar resource.

The requirement was to provide a safe and suitable working surface for maintenance operations. Systems to be installed also needed to meet stringent criteria including engineering and compliance to Australian Standards.



SAYFA was contacted by the contractors with details of their requirements.

Due to shortage of equipment, skilled trades and the remoteness of the location pre-assembled systems were identified as the preferred option, as well as the ability to be easily unloaded and installed by hand.

Conceptual design drawings were produced using the KOMBI BuildaThis enabled the installer and client to visualise the initial KOMBI Stair and Platform system build.

Kombi Stair and Platform concept drawing

Initial concept created in the KOMBI BUILDA.


Detailed and more extensive drawings were then formatted by our in-house design and engineering teams, collaborating to ensure the end result would be structurally sound and fit for purpose.

Kombi Stairs and Platform Drawing for solar farm

Kombi Stair and Platform drawing for solar farm

Detailed drawings produced by our in-house Design and Engineering Teams.


These drawings were then sent to the Production Department for fabrication. To assist with a quick install, many of the components were pre-assembled into easily manageable modules and then transported directly to site.

As KOMBI Stairs and Platforms are manufactured in lightweight aluminium, on arrival at site unloading was able to be carried out by hand without the need for heavy lifting equipment or cranes.

Using the patented KOMBI T-Bolt technology and basic battery powered hand tools assembly took a fraction of the time if traditional steel welded systems had been chosen.

Throughout the project, assistance was provided by our technical team to make sure the install was carried out smoothly and as per regulatory guidelines.

Additionally, KOMBI Stair and Platforms comply to AS 1657 and AS/NZS 1170 which provided the necessary adherence to Australian Standards required for this installation.

The result - a very fast and effective install and a very happy client.

Why KOMBI® Stair and Platform Systems?

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoLocations are not always ideal, particularly when supplying systems to remote areas, and KOMBI's modular design is what sets it apart from the rest.

With traditional welded steel systems, even if the best measurements and design is carried out, ensuring a perfect fit once systems get to site can be extremely challenging. And, what if the worst happens and there is a miscalculation? Quite often this results in expensive re-design and additional fabrication which can blow out budgets and timelines.

KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems are the perfect solution. Their adjustability ensures that should your system need some "tweaking" this can be easily done in situ.

Even more, there is no requirement for specialist tools or trades to install so your own team can perform a quick and easy assembly. Additionally, their aluminium construction means safe handling of the lightweight components, protecting your workers from musculoskeletal injuries.

But what is the ingenuity behind the KOMBI T-Bolt?

The KOMBI T-Bolt does away with the need for on-site welding and fabrication. Systems can be adjusted to cater for undulating land or uneven surfaces.  With innovation behind it's creation, the whole KOMBI Modular System is designed to be flexible and user friendly.


Bolt together modular components with flexibility - that's KOMBI!


Proudly Australian owned and manufactured, when lightweight, easy to install systems are required KOMBI Aluminium Modular Stair and Platforms provide the answer.

Read our article Be Safety Smart - KOMBI Modular Stairs & Platforms save your time and your back - A Safety Analysis for more information on how KOMBI Systems do not compromise your personnel's health and well-being.

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