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Godfrey Hirst is the largest manufacturer and exporter of residential and commercial carpets in Australasia. First and foremost they required a system that was flexible, enabling minor on-site changes without the need for hot works and fabrication.

The plant consists of a complex conveyor belt system over which access was required. With space at a minimum, the designed systems had to allow worker access, and were to be installed within extremely constricted areas.

An additional challenge was the need for the systems to be adapted to enable seamless integration between the client’s existing platforms and walls.



Many design drawings for multiple configurations were completed to ensure that the systems being installed met the client’s requirements and would offer a high level of ease of use for the operators.

KOMBI’s modular design enabled easy delivery and assembly within tight and constricted areas. The versatility of the KOMBI Stair and Crossover Systems was of great benefit, enabling modifications to be carried out on-site, without the necessity for pre-measuring or welded fabrication.

Areas that were virtually inaccessible can now be easily accessed by personnel, improving time efficiencies and increasing worker safety.


Kombi Stair and Crossover System Case Study


Why KOMBI® Access Platform Systems?

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoAs is the case with many manufacturing plants, there can be a complex web of machinery or equipment in difficult to access places. Installation of systems to enable operational activities and maintenance can seem a problem with no easy solution. KOMBI Access Stair and Platform Systems, an Australian made product, offers the answer.

KOMBI Systems are totally modular and flexible to suit your situation and can be installed around, under and over existing equipment. Using the KOMBI T-Bolt patented no weld fixing method, KOMBI Systems do not need on-site welding, or specialist tools or trades. In fact, if your team can put together a flat pack, chances are they will be able to assemble KOMBI.

With this area of OH & S fast becoming a key focus in workplace inspections modular systems such as KOMBI Stairs and Platforms offer peace of mind that you are meeting all your requirements with regard to worker safety and compliance.

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