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Glaxo Smith Kline is the six largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Their Australian operations in Ermington NSW were requiring an access solution between levels and the delivery of a system within a short period of time was an essential requirement.

With such a tight time frame, a product with short delivery lead times had to be supplied so as not to hold up installation.

Products also needed to be delivered in modules to enable workers to locate the stairway into the constricted area.



Glaxo Smith Kline ordered KOMBI components “off the shelf”, ensuring delivery and installation in a matter of days. SAYFA carry a large amount of standard sizes in stock ensuring a fast delivery can be done when and if required.

KOMBI Stair and Platform's modular design, with its easy manoeuvrability and flexibility to be adjusted on-site, was a huge benefit. Any discrepancies with site pre-measurements could be easily dealt with by simply modifying the system to suit.


Kombi modular stair and platform system drawing

Why KOMBI® Access Stairs and Platform Systems instead of traditional steel systems?

KOMBI Australian Made Stair and Platform Systems logoKOMBI Modular Aluminium Access Stair and Platform Systems enable easy hassle-free installation anywhere. They are manufactured in Australia from lightweight aluminium components. Compared to traditional steels systems that often require hot works and heavy equipment to install them, KOMBI Stair and Platform Systems are broken down into easy to handle components. Refer to our article Be Safety Smart - KOMBI Modular Stairs & Platforms save your time and your back - A Safety Analysis for details how our systems do not compromise your personnel's health and well-being, and address any concerns you may have in regard to OH & S requirements.

Along with the manual handling benefits, the patented KOMBI T-Bolt means that there is no requirement for specialist trades, tools or on-site welding? Final adjustments can be made in-situ which allows for any miscalculations or incorrect pre install measuring.


If you can assemble a flat pack you can create a KOMBI Access System - smarter, easier, faster!

When Australian manufactured lightweight, easy to install systems are required look no further than KOMBI Aluminium Modular Stair and Platforms.

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