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Glaxo Smith Kline, Ermington NSW



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KOMBI Two-Stage Stair Systems



Glaxo Smith Kline is the six largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Their Australian operations in Ermington NSW were requiring an access solution between levels and the delivery of a system within a short period of time was an essential requirement.

With such a tight time frame, a product with short delivery lead times had to be supplied so as not to hold up installation.

Products also needed to be delivered in modules to enable workers to locate the stairway into the constricted area.



Glaxo Smith Kline ordered KOMBI components “off the shelf”, ensuring delivery and installation in a matter of days.

KOMBI’s modular design, with its easy maneuverability and flexibility to be adjusted on-site, was a huge benefit. Any discrepancies with site pre-measurements could be easily dealt with by simply modifying the system to suit.


Kombi modular stair and platform system drawing


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